2018 Unexpected Connections Recap


Unexpected Connections gathers global luminaries, industry leaders, and curious creators from different disciplines together to find new perspectives in creativity, and provide long lasting relationships.

Nov. 7th. 2018 Unexpected Connections At Beverly O'Neill Theater, Long Beach CA, USA

Imprint Culture Lab is a Long Beach based incubator that was founded to investigate global creative culture and foster cross-pollination between business and creative entities. Every year, through a series of talks and workshops, Imprint Culture Lab has built a wide nexus of thinkers, doers, and makers poised to initiate cultural vectors.

MAEKAN is a ground-breaking platform focused on challenging creative culture through provocative stories and discussions around purpose and reason. MAEKAN gathers the global community together to celebrate creative culture that spans fashion, art, design, tech, music, food and more.


  • Julia Huang, CEO of Intertrend Communications/Imprint Venture Lab

  • Eugene Kan, Co-Founder of MAEKAN

  • John C. Jay, President of Global Creative at Fast Retailing/Uniqlo

  • David Choe, Artist

  • Kenya Hara, Art Director of Muji & President of Nippon Design Center

  • Jeff Staple, Founder of Staple Design

  • Jennifer Ferro, President of KCRW

  • Jason Mayden, CEO of Super Heroic

  • Karen Okonkwo, Co-Founder of TONL

  • Jun Cha, Tattoo Artist

  • Lindsay Jang, Co-Founder of Yardbird & Missbish

  • Madeleine Brand, Broadcast Journalist for KCRW

  • Helen Zia, Journalist/Activist

  • John Maeda, Global Head, Computational Design and Inclusion at Automattic