joe gebbia

Joe Gebbia is a multi-disciplinary designer, creative entrepreneur, and global explorer. He is the co-founder and CPO of Airbnb, which began in 2008 out of the necessity to pay his rent. What started as three airbeds, a pop-tart breakfast, welcoming hosts and an insider’s guide to the city, is now a global phenomenon of hospitality, human connectivity and economic stimulation.

Gebbia works across a variety of disciplines including industrial design, print, and digital experiences. With an eye for simplicity and an appreciation of craft, he leads the team in creating imminently marketable products. The results are cutting edge yet useful tools that impact the user’s experience from the moment of online contact to the end of their physical stay in Airbnb listings around the world.

Crafting a cohesive experience from online to offline is at the core of the Airbnb business model. Gebbia is dedicated to creating a magical and effortless user experience through sharp, intuitive design, while crafting a product roadmap that leads to such an experience. Under his leadership, Airbnb is now at the forefront of the emerging discipline of service design, a practice that improves the quality of interactions between service providers and their customers. Gebbia's lifelong appreciation for art and design led him to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where he now sits on the Board of Trustees. There, he honed his conceptual skills while obtaining degrees in product design and graphic design.