We were founded to investigate global creative culture and foster cross-pollination between business and creative entities. Every year, through a series of talks and workshops, Imprint Culture Lab has built a wide nexus of thinkers, doers, makers of things, poised to initiate cultural vectors.


Since its beginnings, Imprint Culture Lab has strived to foster conversations that become collaborations; ideas that become movements. We bring the most interesting people to the podium, the most fascinating audience to the floor, and potential energy to reality.


From Single Speaker Talks to Immersive Workshops to Supper Clubs to Multi-day, Multi-Track Conferences, the events we host uniquely bring a community of creators and change agents together.

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Curiosity guides MAEKAN. We’re constantly looking to uncover the unexpected connections in creativity and the people that embody them.

Our content lives through fashion, art, design, tech, music, food and more. MAEKAN is original storytelling at its purest through captivating audio, engaging words and beautiful visuals.